Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review - Skechers Shape Ups

This is the second installment of a new section I am adding to the blog. Product and service reviews. Soon, this will be switched to a whole different blog, but in the meantime, I thought I would share this review with you here.

Skechers Shape Ups - Purchased at Browns Shoe Fit in Maryville, MO

If you are anything like me, you probably could stand to lose 10 or 75 pounds. LOL. I would settle for 10 at the moment... temporarily. Anyway, couple that with the fact that I had a severe case of planter fascitis two summers ago, and a broken foot this last summer, well, I'm a hot mess in the foot department!

Shopping is taxing on me, even standing for a while, my feet are on fire. I knew I could fix the weight issue "easily" (har), but the leftover pain from previous injuries was going to be a little more difficult.

I decided I needed to go straight to the source.
My feet.

I had heard about the shape ups, and that people really loved them, so I started doing my research and reading how others felt about the shoes, almost all were great reviews.

Their original intention is a fitnes shoe. From the Skechers Shape ups site: "Shape-ups are designed to help you strengthen your muscles, including your back, abdomen and calves. Shape-ups will help you lose weight and improve your circulation, creating a healthier you! It's easy to shape up with Shape-ups. Wear your Shape-ups everywhere and anywhere you walk (or stand), and your body will feel the benefits."

However, that was not my intention, but it would be a great benefit. I was mainly looking for support for my feet, plus cushioning and less jarring on my back.


{a lil' dirty here lol - I'd just been to the chicken coop!}

I saw a sign at Browns Shoe Fit in Maryville, MO that they had their shape ups in, so I popped in. The really nice guys there, showed me the shoes and a few days later I returned to buy a pair. They are not cheap shoes. I paid $107 with the tax, but Browns had them on the low end of the spectrum of pricing. They explained that they had to be priced between $99 and $120 as per Skechers requirements, so I got a deal. I have found that $99 is some of the best prices that you can get, internet included (factoring shipping).

The guys also said that I could use these for a regular walking/exercising shoe if I wanted to.

They were comfortable immediately. They do take a little getting used to as you lean back a little on your heels as you stand up. I wore them to Walmart, and with 20 minutes, my lower back popped.

For the record, my lower back never pops!

I did not feel aching in my legs, but other people report that they have, and they do claim that you can lose a little bit of weight. I have not paid attention to see if I have, so I can not confirm that bit.


My honest opinion? I'd rather have these shoes on all the time. Really. I always walk around sock footed at home, and now, I hate having to take them off ever! I can really tell the difference between these and regular shoes, it's like walking on a cloud.

Definitely worth the money, and if I were buying another pair of shoes, I would buy these again. To make things even better, they have tons of styles, even flip flops! Lots of colors in the tennis shoe style.

Lastly, the guys at Browns were really cool. You should stop in and have them scan your feet! You can do that, it's so awesome to see where all the pressure points are in your feet.

I was so glad to see there was no scale attached to that foot scanner!

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