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LG Text Ed - Sexting and Texting

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Being a mom is never an easy task. Sometimes we talk with our kids about things that we'd rather chew off our left arm to get out of the death grip, but, being good parents, we do it anyway gosh darn it!

Blogher and LG Text Ed has asked me, to help them on a mission to encourage parents (like you and me) to raise the issues of online and cell phone safety with their kids early and often. They have asked several parents just like myself serve as an example, and a jumping off point, for you and your kids too. Their request? It's simple. Interview my son about texting and driving, and sexting .

This topic is so important for our kids and their futures, BlogHer really wants to get the conversation about texting, sexting and safety going – both with our kids and among parents.

I didn't want this to be the Spanish inquisition, and I didn't want him to be mad, put out, or embarrassed (well, any more than usual), so I did this really an easy way. I emailed him! That actually worked pretty well. He didn't have to be embarrassed that his mom was talking to him about dirty pictures, but the message still came across.

On Texting and driving:

Me: What would you do if you were in a car with your friend while he/she was texting while they drove?
My son: I would tell them that they should stop it, its very dangerous and illegal.

Me: Did you know that it is illegal in some states for teen operators to use a cell phone and in many, texting while driving is also illegal? What do you think of that?
My son: Yes. I think it is a good thing because texting and driving endangers the person driving (and passengers) and endangering others on the road.

On Sexting:

Me: What would you do if you received a text from a friend that had a naked photo of them, or someone you knew?
My Son: I would tell them to cut it out, that's something that they shouldn't be doing and that i don't want any of that sent to me.

Me: Would you date someone if they "expected" you to send them inappropriate photos?
My Son: No. Like i said before its something that shouldn't be done and i don't want it sent to me, so i wouldn't send it to them.

Me: How would you feel if you showed someone something very private about yourself, and all your school mates saw it?
My Son: I would probably just ignore any criticism I got from any of my class mates.

See, that was relatively painless! I think something else important that we need to remind our kids, is that they are now charging kids with possession of child pornography for passing sexting photos! This is something I support fully. Yes it's scary. Yes, it could end up being my kid, God forbid, but I think it is important to send a message to kids that this is not acceptable behavior and they will have to be an example to others. Sadly that comes with a sex crime file that stays with you FOREVER. This is not a case anymore of "boys will be boys" or even "girls will be girls"

Remember, that being a teen today has a whole new set of rules, and what you and your kid puts out there, remains forever. So if you don't want your boss in 7 years to see a photo of you in your underwear, I'm going to suggest that they never take it!

Have you had a conversation with your kids about texting, sexting and safety?

Or if you haven’t had the conversation yet, what’s holding you back?

BlogHer is matching LG’s donation of .50 to for every comment on this post, so please tell me about your conversation with your kids in the comments. It’s important for all our families, and will get a $1.00 for every comment, question or suggestion.

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